A new compact SUV is here!



For all-out adventure the all-new Vitara comes with AllGrip technology, Suzuki’s 4-Wheel Drive system that offers four different driving modes. With the ability to select ‘Sport’, ‘Mud’, ‘Lock’  or ‘Auto’, you’re ready to handle just about anything that’s out there.

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Whether you’re around town or up on the hills, nothing stands out like the all-new Vitara. With looks that are overtly capable yet undeniably stylish, this is a compact SUV with an in-built ability to turn hea




With a communications, entertainment and satellite navigation interface that’s as simple and intuitive to use as it is advanced, you’ll feel connected to the world around you in more ways than one.




‘You are what you drive’ takes on a whole new meaning in the all-new Vitara. Mix and match colours, interior trims and wheels to suit your taste and make your all-new Vitara as individual as you are.

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2WD - $4,450,0004WD - $5,360,0004WD with Sunroof - $5,460,000

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2WD - $3,621,420 with 20% duty concession4WD - $4,341,420 with 20% duty concession4WD with Sunroof - $4,421,420 with 20% duty concession

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